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30 decembris, 2011

2012 Latvian Post plans

2012 Latvian Post plans to spend at least 26 new stamps 17 million copy print run
2012 Latvian Post plans to issue at least 26 new stamps - the various Latvian state and people important topics and the different denominations. Postage stamps to be issued in the next few months may still be added, but this year's first postage stamps will be issued January 7, but the year has traditionally end with a new series of Christmas stamps in December 2012.

Total in 2012 Latvian post office stamps to be issued in circulation will reach at least 17 million copies, and taking into account the current significant demand for postage stamps, has about 10 million copies more than the average Latvian Post on an annual basis.

"Latvian Post, which issued postage stamps in the world recognizes it as a tasteful and artistically high-quality, and this year will delight both the stamp collector, and all of our customers with such a diverse and interesting stamps, so that everyone can choose their own taste and value of the items most relevant," said the Latvian Post postal and philatelic vērtszīmju Department Director Edmund Bebrišs.

Latvian Post 2012 of the first postage stamps will be issued in series Latvian county and city coat of arms, and will include three different stamps - Riga with the small coat of arms, coat of arms and Piltene Lielvardes county coat of arms.

Already in January at the end of daylight will see a unique stamp with the success of the Latvian people found themselves, first of all participating for the first time in Latvian history, organized by stamp design contest and sending it their stamp designs, but then the social networks to actively vote for the most interesting postage stamps. Place winner of a postage stamp, where it is stories, which depicted lions Vērmanes and nearby restaurant Library No.1 building surrounded by trees, will be issued and presented Jan. 27.

Popular flower series in February 2012 will be issued in the third stamp - Lily. Two new postage stamp in March will be the European single series of postage Europe, initiated by the European Union and the Postal stamps, unified the whole of Europe, with the same logo, is published since 1994.

In April, the stamp will be dedicated to the great Latvian bibliographer John Brass 150-year anniversary commemoration, but the three stamp series - Riga Zoo centenary. In May, the stamp will be issued a second series of the Latvian port, this time - the Free Port of Ventspils topic. But in June two new stamps will be included in the series of Latvian birds that are updated for the third consecutive year.

In July, a special postage stamp will be issued on the occasion of the 30th Summer Olympic Games in 2012 from 27 July to 12 August will take the UK capital of London. While the August issue will stamp block, consisting of two postage stamps - Kurland and Semigallia - 450. Also in Riga-born rocket scientist and Astronautics constructor Friedrich Zander 125-year anniversary commemorative postage stamp will be issued in August.

Third series of postage stamps Latvian contemporary architecture to be issued in September, but the Baltic States kopizdevumu - stamp block railroad bridges - in October. Of Riga Technical University, 150 years of existence will be celebrated with the issue of postage stamps in October.

In preparation for the centenary of the Latvian state in 2018, Latvian Post and in 2012, for the fourth consecutive year, will issue three new series of postage stamps Latvian Republic - 100. But in the end - December - Latvian Post, traditionally will issue two new series of Christmas stamps.

LatvijasPasts annually issued an average of 12-16 new postage costs, with a total print run is usually achieved up to 7 million copies of letters and other items of correspondence on traveling around the world. Stamp subjects each year, the dedicated Stamp issue commission.

On the VAS Latvian Post

Latvian Post provides the broadest access to postal services throughout Latvian territory, maintaining more than 600 postal service site. Company's main function is the universal postal service, the company also provides philatelic services, transportation and express delivery, financial intermediation, payment, press and retail services. Latvian Post is a state wholly-owned company, which employs around 4600 staff.

To learn more about the Latvian Post, visit the website www.pasts.lv.