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Here you will find information on recent Latvian postage stamps and FDC covers. As well as the many covers, stamps and postcards that I'm getting from you, my friends .

26 maijs, 2014

Latvijas Pasts in collaboration with Latvian Olympic Committee to present stamps dedicated to Latvian medal winners in XXII Olympic Winter Games

The Olympic stamps have been released in honor of the Latvian champions in the XXII Olympic Winter Games: skeleton racer Martins Dukurs who won a silver medal, bobsleigh team consisting of Oskars Melbārdis, Daumants Dreiškens, Arvis Vilkaste and Jānis Strenga who also claimed silver, Andris Šics and Juris Šics who earned a bronze medal in the luge doubles competition and Elīza Tīruma, Mārtiņš Rubenis, Andris Šics and Juris Šics who won a second bronze medal for Latvia in the luge team relay competition.
The print run of each stamp is 30.000 and their denomination is EUR 0.50, corresponding to the cost of mailing a regular letter within Latvia. The print run of the Olympic Games envelope is 1.500 copies.
Latvijas Pasts has been issuing stamps dedicated to Latvian Olympic medal winners since the XXVII Olympic Summer Games, which took place in Sydney, Australia in 2000.
The XXII Olympic Winter Games, which were held from February 7 to February 23, 2014 in Sochi (Russia), are considered to be the most successful Winter Games in Latvia, resulting in an unprecedented number of medals won in three different sports: one silver in skeleton, one silver in bobsleigh and two bronzes in luge. Overall, Latvia was represented in seven winter sports: biathlon, bobsleigh, ice hockey, luge, skeleton, skating and skiing.

20 maijs, 2014

New birds stamp set from Latvia

Latvijas Pasts has released unique additions to Birds series of stamps featuring the hoopoe (Upupa epops), bird of 2014 in Latvia, and the jack snipe (Lymnocryptes minimus), which has never been depicted before in philatelic editions of the world. 
The new stamps have been designed by artist Ģirts Grīva and each has a print run of 300,000 copies. The denomination of the stamp featuring the hoopoe is EUR 1.39, which corresponds to the cost of mailing a registered letter within Latvia, while the denomination of the stamp dedicated to the jack snipe is EUR 0.50, suitable for mailing a regular letter within Latvia. The release of the stamps is accompanied by the issue of two special envelopes depicting both birds, with a print run of 1,500 copies each.

02 maijs, 2014

Postcard for my daughter

Beautiful fairy postcards for my little princes:)
Postcard from Belarus drawing by artist Lia Selina. www.linmida.com

Stamp info:
Designer: Ivan Lukin
Paper: chalky
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb 13
Size of a stamp: 61,40 x 43,40 x 43,40 mm.
Size of the Miniature Sheet: 117 x 117 mm.
Printing run: 60.000 stamps or 20.000 Miniature Sheets.
Michel catalogue numbers: 990-991

N (4000 R). multicoloured. Merry Christmas.
H (6500 R). multicoloured. Happy New Year.