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08 februāris, 2010

Latvia has also issued postage stamps in honor of the Olympic Games in Vancouver!

The long awaited is here ..:)

And what do you think of this issue?

Mhhh.....I like to, but not so much to say that this would be my favorite Olympic issue.

On postage stamps featuring ice hockey.Thats right,because Ice hockey in Latvia is the No. 1 sport!
Great achievement for our team no yet been, but we love them and faning for them.Our fans are the best in the world.

6 komentāri:

Eric from Jura teica...

Hi Normunds !
Happy to hear from you again :-)
I also rather like this Olympic Latvian stamp :-)
Do you think it could be possible for you to send me a nice cover with this stamp ?
I'll of course send you back a cover with the two French Vancouver se-tenant stamps or other stamps as you want.
Please tell me :-)
Greetings from France.

Cibixs teica...

Hi Eric!

I hope that it will surprise for You:)

Best reggards from Latvia


archv3nture teica...

glad to see your stamp collection is complete

Normunds Cibis teica...

Yet to complete a long way :)

Andrzej teica...

Many thanks Normunds!
Fantastic blog!
Greetings from Poland!

Normunds Cibis teica...

Hi Andrzej!I got your FDC.Thank you very much for nice Olympic cover from Poland.
Greetings from Latvia:)