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09 maijs, 2008

FDC from Czech rep.

Date of publication: 07.05.2008
Face-value: 17.0 Kč
Print sheets: 8 stamps
Imprint dimension: 40 x 23 mm
Art design: Marina Richterová
The Association of European Public Postal Operators PostEurop declared "Writing Letters" as this year's common theme for the postage stamp issue EUROPA in order to promote written correspondence. In the past writing letters significantly cultivated the language and contributed to a better and more precise formulation of ideas. In today's world of mobile phones and e-mails hardly anyone will find the time for a handwritten letter. Despite the present massive spread of computers, a handwritten news still remains an expression of a special attention. Correspondence of leading authors is published as an organic part of their work, e.g. the correspondence of B. Němcová. These days waiting for a letter from a friend is rather a curiosity. We get an occasional card with Christmas or Easter greetings or from a holiday trip. The spoken word dies out, but a letter remains.

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