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23 maijs, 2008

New stamp and FDC from Latvia

In the new postage stamp with value Ls 0.45 is represented Latvia orienteer and in the European championship orienteering sport logo. The postage stamp artistic author is Girts Griva.
Postage stamp 200 000 copies made in the France enterprise Cartor Security Printing.
Together with a postage stamp an envelope and special seal of the first day is given out also. In locality cards are the envelope of the first day evident, an orienteers substantial instrument – compass and championship logo;also in a compass is the special seal represented.
Latvia hosts European Championships and first World Cup round
The early season events are past and the big Tvåmila and Tiomila relays have also taken place; many top competitors have also been training for this year’s World Championships in the Czech Republic and competing in the Moravian Open Championships. Now the world’s elite are looking forward to the first international championship event of 2008, the European Championships, in which the three individual finals also form the first round of the 2008 World Cup.
Ventspils, a harbour town in Latvia beside the Baltic Sea, is the event centre for the championships and the venue for the sprint races and the relay. In the middle and long distance races, high technical skills will be needed to cope with the very detailed sand dune terrain in the area, whilst one of the main physical challenges will be the marshes, which amount to 20% of the area in the long distance final and a significant part of the middle distance areas. The sprint races will be held in the town, with a good mix of urban area, parkland, dunes and beach, whilst the relay terrain is based around an old army base on the edge of the town, using coniferous forest along with complex duneland.
110 women and 137 men representing 29 countries will be taking part. Each nation can enter 6 runners per class and 2 relay teams of 3 per class, and the current European Champions have a ‘wild card’ entry in addition. There are qualification races for each of the 3 individual race formats with the top 17 from each of 3 heats in each class going through to the finals.

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