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14 aprīlis, 2014

New Latvian stamp and FDC is coming

New postage stamp issued run of 100 000 copies, and a special first-day covers - 1,500 copies. Stamps nominal value of € 0.50, and corresponds to a standart letter, the cost of Latvian territory. Stamps designed by the TV telecast TE! author Lāsma Lagzdiņa signs depicting a stylized broadcast the name and identification symbols - rake. The old tool says that Latvia  impressed with its unique values​​, landscapes, people, their stories and actions.
Sorry dear Lasma ,but I don`t like this stamp design :( Its design is dark and dreary  not at all optimistic that the same TV telecast.When I saw for the first time this stamp, I thought that it is the memory of the Holocaust.

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